1. Rainy Day Brunch with

   the gals...

   Coach Leather


   umbrella, Ninos Brunch 

   for 4!

VALUE:  $650

2. Ready... Set...


   VIP Training Camp

   Experience for 4

   With Private Box  

VALUE:  Priceless

3. Rock Star Style and

   new wheels for

   your little Fashion


    $100 Cookie Couture

    Gift Certificate

    with tricycle and

    children's books.   

VALUE:  $200.00

4. Bow Ties are


   Georgio Armani

   Wristwatch with

   Bow Tie Collection


VALUE:  $700 

5.  Accessories are like

    cocktails you can never

    have too many...

     Gillian Julius bracelet

    with Michael Kors Tote   

VALUE:  $700

6. Yoga class... I

    thought you said pour     a glass...

    Instant Wine cellar

    Wine stand, Wine

    glasses, wine

    accessories and wine.

VALUE:  $450

7. Imagine how many

   shoes you could buy... 


$200 Shopping Spree Lottery Tree  

VALUE: Fate will  tell... 

8. Make him a General for a


     Perfect Father's Day Gift!

    Experience only air travel

    not included

    Uvalde, Texas    

VALUE:  $650

9.  That's a Wrap New York!

     Kate Spade Tote with 

     wallet and pashmina


VALUE:  $500

10.  Bright Lights... Big City.

       Set of Two (2) Large

       mercury glass 

       decorator lamps. 

VALUE:  $500.00

11.  Let's Go Pens!

      Penguins Blanket,

      50 year book,

      bobble heads,

      video, earbuds,

      Carl Hagelin

      signed puck, two


      Penguins tickets 


VALUE:  $450

12. A Day at the Beach...     

   Salvatore Ferragamo

   Sunglasses, Lilly  Pulitzer

   necklace, Beach Bag, Beach

   Towel, Oils, Water Bottle,

   Beach hat and Sun screen 

VALUE:  $600

13.  Raise the Jolly


      TWO (2) Pittsburgh

      Pirates game

      tickets, Nike 1/4 zip

      Pirates pullover,

      Pirates Flag and

      Pirates Nike hat

VALUE:  $475

14.  She is Whiskey in a teacup...

    Ten (10) tickets to

   Whiskey • Watches and Cigars 

   event at Blend Bar • Pittsburgh

   Friday, October 19, 2018


VALUE:  $1500.00

15. Kicking back in the Boardroom

       Entertain up to six in this ultra

     posh Blend Bar Boardroom

     experience... Slip behind the         secret bookcase door to your

     private sanctuary where you

     will sip your choice of high           end Bourbon or Scotch, receive

     one cigar per guest  and enjoy

     hors d'oeuvres this space is

     reserved for members only

     with an initiation fee of

     $25,000.  So celebrate like a

     rock star that special event,

     pre-or post sports game or

     just have a relaxing meeting

     with that client you want to


VALUE:  $1600.00

16.  Beary Best Friends....

     Harrods of London Bear,

     Lion Bank, Gift Certificate

     to the National Aviary and

     Gift Certificate to the

     Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG


Value:  $175.00

17. Rejuvenate for that big date....

    Laser Rejuvenation Package

    Village Skin Med Spa

    By:  Toni Johns

    Sewickley, Pa 


Value:  $900.00 

18.  At the Center of it all...

       Three large Hollywood

       Regency Style

       Decorative Mercury

       Glass Silver Etched

       Lidded Urns.  


Value:  $2250.00

19.  Make Christmas


       Elf on a Shelf

       Holiday Package. 

Value:  $160.00

20.  "Frette Sweet Frette..."

       Frette Robe, Frette

       Slippers, Soy Candle,

       Luxury Bath Towel



Value:  $500.00    

21.  The right piece of Jewelry

       and the Woman wearing it

       can change the world!

       Custom Designed

       necklace by :  Leathers

       Apparel and Accessories

       with $500 Gift Certificate.


Value:  $1500.00 


22.  Baking Like a Boss Lady... 

       Cake Boss Baking set and



Value:  $175